18 Weeks Pregnant- Planning and Routine Check Up

18 Weeks Pregnant by Veronica Foale, 2012

Planning for Your Baby

If you haven’t created a list of baby names yet, now would be a good time to start.

I was pretty lucky because both my wife and I only had a couple of names that we actually wanted, and luckily enough, we both agreed on what we wanted our children to be named.

Routine Check Up

You can expect to have a routine checkup around this stage of pregnancy, part of this test will involve having an ultra sound. The main reason for this test is to check for any birth defects in your baby, and to confirm the correct gestational age.

I remember going to my first ultra sound, I was amazed to see my little girl developing in the womb of my wife. It is an amazing experience that no parent would want to miss.


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