Babies, bassinets and cradles

New born infants can often find it unsettling to sleep in a large, open cot.

If you have a cot and your finding your baby isn’t settling in as you had hoped, Instead of trying to decrease the size of your cot with pillows and cushions, which can be a suffocation hazard, it is a much better idea to start your child off sleeping in a bassinet or cradle.

The difference between bassinets and cradles

Bassinets are typically made with woven timber, cane and plastic and usually have a hood or frame that you can drape a covering or mosquito net over.

Often, bassinets are on stands that have wheels, making them easy to move them around the babies room or your home.

A bassinet can also be dissembled and used with a pram or stroller. Some bassinet stands can also be used with the baby bath, so it may pay to do some homework to see if the brand you are looking at buying can be interchangeable with a stroller and bath.

One of the issues parents face with bassinets is their size, usually your child will stay in a bassinet until they are about four or five months old, depending on the size of your child of course, or until they become capable of rolling over on their own, or strong enough to pull themselves up when grabbing onto the tops of the sides.

Cradles are similar in size to bassinets, so you are still faced with the prospect of replacing it after about four to five months of use.

Cradles are typically made of timber and are usually an old fashioned design. A cradle will swing from side to side with a lateral motion which is thought to help sooth and settle an upset child.

If you decide on using a cradle for your child’s bedding, make sure that it is safe and the mattress is firm and well fitting.

Your cradle should also be lockable and be limited to the degree it can be rocked, you don’t ever want to rock your child to the point it can start rolling involuntary in the cradle. This can cause serious injury and possibly death to your infant.

Another benefit of having a lockable cradle that has a limited degree it can be rocked, is if there are other young children who may get a little zealous about rocking their new baby brother or sister when mom or dad are not around. Locking the cradle will prevent siblings from causing injury to the child.

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