Dressing your baby for all occassions

Dressing your baby for all occassions

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Dressing a new born can be a little intimidating for first time parents, especially for Fathers who have had little to no experience with an infant child. The child is so delicate, with their wobbly heads and tiny fingers and toes, it really can be an intimidating experience for first time Dads, it sure was for me.

It can also be quite distressing for the child as well. Infants don’t respond well to the feeling of cold air on their bare skin and get distressed when they are pulled and pulled when fitting clothes. If you notice your child becomes increasingly distressed when their bare body is exposed, try putting a blanket or sheet across there chest, this may help comfort the child and help them feel less exposed to the cold air around them.

Choosing practical clothing for your new born is essential, your babies clothes will need to fit snugly over their little bodies, but also need to be easy to get on and off. Clothes with lots of snap buttons are good because you can wrap the child in the clothes and button the clothes up around the child.

Soft and stretchy clothes are also best for infants, making it easier for Mom or Dad to put their hands inside of the sleeves and legs and guide the baby’s arms and legs through, rather than trying to force the clothes over their delicate little limbs.

It’s also important to dress the child in clothes that are temperature appropriate. Your child can’t tell you if he/she is hot or cold, so it will take some common sense on your part. A good idea is to dress the child with several layers of clothing, that way if they get too hot you can take a layer off or, add a layer if they start getting cold.

A good way to see if your child is getting too hot is if you can see any traces or perspiration, your child will also show signs of distress through crying. On the other hand, if your baby feels slightly cool to touch and is also showing some discomfort, it is usually a good indication they are cold, remember this isn’t rocket science it’s common sense.

Whenever you are dressing your new born, make sure that their neck is well supported and take special care when pulling anything over their heads. It will usually take around four months before their necks are strong enough to hold their heads without any assistance from you, so until then take special care whenever pulling any clothing over their heads.

It’s best to dress your infant on a flat surface that is both firm and comfortable for the child, like a bed or change table. It’s also another good idea to dress half the child at a time, do the top first then the bottom. Doing the top first will help regulate the child’s temperature and keep them warm and settled.

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