Choosing the best books for toddlers

If your child is aged between 1-3 years, then you are sure to find that books will bring them many pleasurable hours of fun and learning.

Stories, rhymes and picture books will help to educate and entertain your child no end. A child who will associate reading with loving time spent with their parents will also be more inclined to read by themselves throughout their life.

Reading from a picture book to a toddler is best if the pictures are age appropriate for the child. The pictures must have images that are easily recognizable to your child, if they are to have any lasting impression on him/her.

Images should be in full color and one dimensional, your child will relate to a color image better than a black and white image, seeing how they themselves see in color.

It’s best to look for books that have a simple storyline that do not have any tangents, as a shift in the storyline will most often confuse a child in this age group. The best place to look for books that your child will enjoy is at your local library, ask the children’s librarian for help if you are not sure what to look for. Libraries are good because you can swap the books each week, giving your child new and exciting stories to enjoy.

Although children in this age group have short attention spans, reading to them and giving them books to look at will be a great source of stimulation for them. Your child will be able to identify with the pictures in the book that relate to the environment around them in their every day lives, people, animals, houses, etc…

Once your child discovers a favorite book, it is normal for them to want to read it over and over again, although this can seem a little tiring for the parent, it is helping the child relate words to pictures, and will pay dividends when the child grows and develops their reading further.


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