Do you have a disaster plan for your kids calamities?

Children and accidents go together like fish and the sea, they are simply unavoidable.

So, it is good to set up a system that you can implement in an instant if something were to go terribly wrong, being prepared will give you confidence in dealing with the situation in a calm and well poised manner.

A good starting point is to have a list clearly laid out and written so anyone at any time can easily read and implement. A good place to keep this list is next to the telephone and even have a copy on the fridge.

On the list you should have the following information.

You Doctors Details. If you have a regular GP, have their name and contact details, such as their telephone number, emergency number for before and after surgery hours and the address of the clinic and surgery.

Emergency Services Numbers. You should have a list of all of the local emergency support numbers, such as you local Police station, Fire brigade, Ambulance, and Poisons information.

Know the Nearest Cross Street. It is a good idea to know exactly where your home is located in regards to other streets in your neighborhood. One of the first questions you will be asked by an ambulance or police officer on the phone is the nearest cross street. This is so they know exactly the location of your home. It will save them precious time having to look at house numbers, especially if you live on a long street or road.

Chemist or Drug Store. You should also have the details for your chemist or drug store handy as well, their phone number, address and directions to get there as well as the operating hours of business.

Parent or Guardian Contact Details. Have a list of any phone numbers that you may need to give to a sitter or caregiver. yourr office and work numbers and if you belong to any clubs which you may frequent often, have a contact number for that also.

Neighbors and Relatives. Have at least two or more phone numbers for your neighbors or relatives that live close by who can be trusted. If in the instance you have more than one child you may need to call on them to look after your other children if you suddenly had to take a sick or injured child to the hospital or doctor.

Hospital Details. Have the address and directions on how to get to the local hospital along with their emergency phone number.

First Aid Kit. If your child or anyone requires first aid, make a note of where the first aid kit is located in the house, this will save precious time and avoid having someone frantically looking for bandages and other first aid supplies if there happened to be excessive bleeding involved in the emergency.

It is extremely important that everyone in the house knows about this list and understands how to implement the directions in case of an emergency. If you have a sitter come in, make sure they are aware of the list as well, in fact anyone who you think should know about the list should be told about it.

If your children are old enough to understand what may be required in an emergency, practice doing some drills with them so they will know exactly what to do if an emergency ever was to arise.

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