The essential babies bath time checklist

To ensure a stress free and enjoyable bath time with your baby, it’s important that you are fully prepared.

The following list will give you an idea of what will make bathing your child easier.

  • Small plastic baby bath (if you are not bathing your child in the bath or sink). Using a portable baby bath will be easier than if you were to use a full sized bath. Saving you from bending over and kneeling on a hard floor. Make sure the bath you choose is deep enough to submerse to babies body up to their shoulders and long enough for them to stretch out.
  • A comfortable bench height to bath your child at. You do not want to be constantly stooping down when bathing your baby.
  • Choose a nice warm spot in the house that is closed off from any cold draughts, but close to hot and cold water taps. You do not want to be carrying a baby bath full of water.
  • A jug or bucket to carry the water to the bath. Or better yet, a hose that can be connected to both the hot and cold taps and can also be turned of at the opposite end of the taps.
  • Two non slip rubber mats, one to place inside of the bath to stop the child from slipping, and the other to place on the floor to stop you from slipping in case the floor happens to get wet from the water spilling out of the bath.
  • A large soft towel to dry the baby after bathing, you should consider having one or two towels exclusively for your baby to use, for hygiene’s sake.
  • If you are using the bath tub you will need something soft to kneel on, a spare towel folded up on the floor is perfect.
  • Soft and mild baby soap. Some perfumed soaps can irritate babies sensitive skin, use a non perfumed cake of pure soap if you need to use any soap on your child.
  • Olive oil, Coconut oil, Almond oil and other organic oils are great for massaging into your babies skin as a moisturizer. Some commercial baby oils will contain mineral oils and can actually dry out your babies skin.
  • Washers or flannels, it is a good idea to have two washers for bath time, one used for washing the babies face, the other for the rest of their body.

You probably won’t undress and dress your baby in the bathroom, so it is also a good idea to have the new clean nappies, nappy liners and clothes prepared for when the baby is finished with the bath.

You may also need a small plastic bin handy where you change your baby to easily dispose of nappies, cotton balls, cotton tips, etc..

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