37 Weeks Pregnant- Fetal Positions


37 Weeks Pregnant by Jen, 2008

It’s week 37, pregnancy has almost gone full term, and with the baby’s due date just around the corner the end is well and truly in sight.

You can also expect your babies position to be known at this stage, there are three possibilities which way your baby could be facing, they are…

Breech or bottom first; if your child is in a breech position then you need to speak to your doctor, midwife or whatever the expert health practitioner you have been consulting with whilst you have been pregnant about turning the child into the correct position before childbirth. About 3% of babies are born in a breech position.

Posterior; this position is when the baby is head down but facing the wrong way, it has it’s back along your back. The problem with the baby being in the posterior position is, it is not as flexible as it could be while passing through the birth canal, some symptoms you may experience can be you feel a lot of back pain and discomfort during labor and delivery, it can also cause your labor to take longer than normal.

This is sometimes referred to as backache labor.

Hot packs, hot showers, keeping upright and moving around as much as possible are all ways of helping you relieve some of the tension associated with a backache labor. Other ways to relieve some discomfort can be crouching, squatting, kneeling down on all fours with your back in an arch with your head and shoulders curved forward.

Anterior; this is the best position regarding the delivery for your newborn.

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