36 Weeks Pregnant- Changes in Your Body

36 Weeks Pregnant by AngelaB, 2007

If this is your first baby, then by week 36 of  pregnancy your baby should be fully engaged, this means that the child’s head should be firmly settled into your pelvis, which can often cause you some pain and discomfort in your pelvic area.

Try to minimize any strenuous activities, take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Sleeping can be difficult at this stage as you will find it hard getting into a comfortable position due to your large abdomen.

In week 36, pregnancy symptoms such as the Braxton hicks contractions may start increasing more regularly.

If you start feeling any Braxton hicks contractions, practice your breathing exercises to help you cope with them.

You may notice some more changes within your own body, you may find breathing easier now because the baby is not pressing on your lungs, you may also begin to feel heavy in your lower abdominal area during this stage of being pregnant.

Irritating digestion problems may also start to lesson during week 36 of pregnancy.

You may also notice some heavy vaginal discharges, to deal with these discharges only use a stick on sanitary pad, never use an internal tampon.

Your breasts will not not enlarge any more until the milk comes in and you start to breastfeed. Now would be a good time to make sure you have a couple of breast feeding bras.

Standing up can often cause swelling in your ankles so try to avoid standing for long periods.

Your baby is almost ready to be born, week 36 is the time when you want to make sure everything is ready for your trip to the hospital in case you go into labor. Have an emergency bag ready to go, and everyone is on alert and ready for action, you should expect the birth and delivery of you new family member any day now.

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