35 Weeks Pregnant- Signs and Symptoms

35 Weeks Pregnant by Chris Simons, 2012

You will feel that your baby will be quite active inside of the uterus now, and even though there is a lot of information and stories about infants being strangled by their own umbilical chord, the instances are very rare and with proper attention from your midwife or doctor, it can easily be avoided.

Your doctor and midwife are expertly trained on how to check if the chord is wrapped around the babies neck while passing through the birth canal during the delivery.

You may experience frequent urination again, the reason is because the child’s head is now pressing firmly against your bladder. Slight coughing, sneezing and a good belly laugh may cause a little urine to escape. This is mainly a result of the pregnancy hormones causing the  pelvic floor muscles to start loosening, which are important in retaining urine and bladder control.

You may need to actively continue with your pelvic floor exercises.

If you go into labor and your baby is born during week 35, your baby will need to be admitted  into the hospitals neonatal intensive care unit and spend one or two weeks there. Your doctor or midwife will encourage you to express your breast milk for feeding him/her.

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