25 Weeks Pregnant- Signs and Symptoms

25 Weeks Pregnant by Stephanie Hobbs, 2009

You may start feeling some different pregnancy symptoms at this stage of the pregnancy. It is not unusual to feel dizzy or faint at different times in the day while pregnant. These bouts of light headedness can be caused by standing up suddenly, standing for long periods at a time, and extremely hot weather.

Leg cramps are another common ailment during pregnancy around week 25. Cramps can be extremely painful and are sometimes a result of not getting enough calcium in your diet. Consult with your doctor or midwife for some expert advice on increasing your calcium intake, you may want to try including some canned fish and calcium rich dairy products into your diet.

Strange dreams, and emotional highs and lows, ranging from apprehension, feelings of being overwhelmed, excitement and happiness are other common pregnancy symptoms.

Hemorrhoids are another painful ailment you may experience around this time of your pregnancy, most pregnant women experience hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are caused from a combination of increased blood flow and the uterus pressing down on the veins in the rectum, causing the veins to swell.

You can try to avoid hemorrhoids by eating a good healthy diet that will help in avoiding constipation, doing pelvic-floor exercises, and not straining when you go to the toilet.

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