19 Weeks Pregnant – Common Pregnancy Symptoms

19 Weeks Pregnant by Chris Simons, 2011

You may start to experience some swelling of the feet. Swollen feet are often related to your pregnancy hormones loosening the ligaments in your body. Swelling can also occur from water retention during pregnancy. Often, a swollen foot can increase up to a full shoe size.

In some women, the fake contractions known as Braxton Hicks can start around this stage of pregnancy. Don’t panic if you feel like you are going into labour, it is just your body preparing for labor and delivery.

Dry and flakey skin is another common pregnancy symptom. The best way to deal with flakey, dry and itchy skin is to drink plenty of water and rub a little olive oil or coconut oil onto the affected areas.

Heartburn is another common symptom most women experience during pregnancy. If you suffer from heartburn, try eating smaller meals, but more often throughout the day and try to avoid eating just before bed time.

Sciatica is another common problem that occurs during pregnancy. Sciatica can be an excruciating pain that runs down your legs starting at your buttocks. If you experience any related symptoms to these, make sure you speak to your Doctor.

Some common remedies for sciatica can be as simple as limiting your level of physical activity, sitting comfortably with your feet up, avoid standing for long periods at a time, never lifting heavy objects and wear support pantyhose. Wearing support pantyhose will also help in the prevention of varicose veins and sooth aching muscles.

If you experience any of the following pregnancy symptoms talk to your doctor immediately.

  • Bleeding from the vagina
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Swelling in your fingers and face
  • Blurry vision
  • Burning when you urinate
  • A sudden gush of amniotic fluid, a trickle or a constant wetness coming from your vagina
  • A hot fever of more than 101.6F or 38.7C or bouts of chills
  • A headache or migraine that just won’t go away
  • Unusual activity or the absence of activity from your baby
  • Unable to keep food or liquid down
  • If you have had a fall or been involved in any type of accident
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