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Choosing the best books for toddlers

If your child is aged between 1-3 years, then you are sure to find that books will bring them many pleasurable hours of fun and learning. Stories, rhymes and picture books will help to educate and entertain your child no … finish reading Choosing the best books for toddlers

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Baby bath time safety tips

The first and most important tip that every parent should receive when it comes to bath time safety is Never Ever leave your child in the bath unattended or under the supervision of an older sibling. If you feel like … finish reading Baby bath time safety tips

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Your Child Loves to Learn

Babies love to learn. It may seem hard to believe when your looking at your new born lying there totally dependent on you, but your child is learning at a very rapid rate. When you think about it, there is … finish reading Your Child Loves to Learn

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Books to Help You Prepare for Parenthood

The amount of information regarding parenthood and looking after your baby can be both overwhelming and confusing to say the least. Well meaning relations, friends and even complete strangers will all have their opinions on how to raise little ones, … finish reading Books to Help You Prepare for Parenthood

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