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Expressing breastmilk made easy

Breastfeeding certainly has it’s advantages to both mother and child, but what if you ever need to leave your baby with a sitter or carer for more than a few hours? You have to feed them something. Expressing your breast … finish reading Expressing breastmilk made easy

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Choosing the best books for toddlers

If your child is aged between 1-3 years, then you are sure to find that books will bring them many pleasurable hours of fun and learning. Stories, rhymes and picture books will help to educate and entertain your child no … finish reading Choosing the best books for toddlers

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Things to avoid during pregnancy that may harm your baby

Before conceiving, it’s a good idea to start thinking about cutting down on the use of social drugs, this article will explain in short, what some of the risks are to your unborn child. Drugs Nearly all drugs affect the … finish reading Things to avoid during pregnancy that may harm your baby

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Your Child Loves to Learn

Babies love to learn. It may seem hard to believe when your looking at your new born lying there totally dependent on you, but your child is learning at a very rapid rate. When you think about it, there is … finish reading Your Child Loves to Learn

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